Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beauty tips for busy moms

1. Choose a blow and go hairstyle. I'm not talking about one that you can use a blow dryer on. I'm talking about something even better! For example , with my hairstyle , I simply wash it in the shower and then dash out to the van. I roll all the windows down , roll the sunroof back and go! Aside from being a little chilly in the winter time , it's perfect. By the time I get to soccer practice ( or the grocery , dentist , school , whatever ) it's dry . It has that perfect sexy , tousled look (well ok , maybe not sexy , but certainly tousled). I tell you , it gives a whole new meaning to blow and go.

2. One size fits all. Ok , with this you have to be a little creative , but who cares. It saves money and makes getting dressed in the morning a snap. You can still wear these clothes if you're bloated , or slim , or in between diets. It doesn't matter. Just make sure you have a large assortment of safety pins, staples , belts and suspenders.

3. 24 hour lipgloss. This stuff is great. It really does stay on 24 hours , even though it tastes and feels like *hit. But no one ever said being beautiful was easy. The only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that when I'm wearing it , every time I walk through the room , my husband asks me where I'm going. And it's always there when you need it. One morning I had to run into Jordan's school and I had forgotten that I still had my pajamas on. But no matter. I may have been wearing spongebob , but I had lipstick on!

4. Bathe the dog while you shower. Saves a lot of time. But make sure that you don't get the shampoo mixed up.

5. If the haircolor bottle says , "leave on for 30 minutes , it does not mean 1 hour."

6. No smudge mascara does not make good finger paint. Ask Jordan.

7. Instant face lift in a bottle does not work. Not on you anyway. However , the price does cause a surprised look on your husbands face , which gives him a slightly more youthful (stupid) look.

8. Do not use one of those epi whatever hair yanking out thingys. They don't yank the hairs out , but rather s-t-r-e-t-c-h them , and you can't get loose of the *amn thing.........................


Anonymous said...

I love the blow and go hairstyle! Maybe that's what I'll do for my next cut :D Sounds like a breeze! (Ok, that pun was intentional.)


Kim Wheedleton said...

Number 7 is my favorite! And just yesterday I sported the blow and go look - but didn't get the same effect you described. Maybe if I'd driven in the car with windows down, instead of just walking to the bus stop...

Barbara said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I have very much a 'blow & go' hairstyle. I shaved my head to 1/2 inch long as a present to myself (and Locks of Love) for Mother's Day! All 22 inches of it - gone! It literally takes me 4 seconds to do my hair in the morning, not 40 minutes!
With all of my exploding Pyrex and runny-nosed kids, who has time to straighten and detangle that mess? Grins.