Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Hamster Story

"Mama , we want a hamster," the boys whined.

"You can't have a hamster. You won't take care of it. It'll end up being my responsibility," I answered.

"We WILL take care of it, " they insisted. "We promise."

So I gave in. I warned them if they failed to keep their promise the hamster would have to go.

Against my better judgement , I got them a hamster. EVEN THOUGH I KNEW BETTER. I vowed that it would not be like LAST TIME. Some of you may remember LAST TIME. Anyway , they named him Danny. Three months later when I found myself cleaning the cage and feeding him , with no help from the boys , I decided I should look for him a new home.

When I told the boys that Danny would be leaving, I thought they took the news very well , which surprised me. One of the boys said , "He's been around a long time. We'll miss him."

I agreed with him , but I added , "Yes I know you'll miss him a little , but he's too much work for one person. Since I'm that one person , I say he's got to go."

The other boy said, "Well maybe if he wouldn't eat so much and be so messy we could keep him."

But I had had enough. I had been DOWN THAT ROAD BEFORE. If you have kids , you know which road I'm talking about.

"It's time to take Danny to his new home now, " I insisted. "Go and get his cage."

At the mention of the cage the boys eyes flew open in surprise and they started crying and screaming, "DANNY? NOT DANNY! WE THOUGHT YOU SAID DADDY!"


Anonymous said...

Easy as pie answer as to getting rid of the hamster(s): every so quietly feed it to the snake. But if you tell anyone I suggested this, I will most like deny it *evil laugh*

Vicki said...

OMGoodness, Ava! This is just too funny! How did you keep a straight face?!?!? Thanks for sharing and welcome back to blogland! Blessings to you and ALL your boys!

Jacqueline (Scraps of Life) said...

What a cute story! That is classic, and something I'm sure you will remember for a long time. Did you tell Daddy what the boys said about him? :D

6boyzmom said...

To all of you thank you for your comments. Jacqueline , yes I did tell him. I couldn't help myself! He knows they love me the best. Oh wait , they love DANNY the best..........oh well.

Dorlene said...

Oh Ava Jo where have you been? I was so excited when I was blog stalking tonight and saw you had a new post. I agree with you, let Danny find a new home and keep daddy. You make me laugh :o)

6boyzmom said...

hey Dorline! So glad to see you! Well, I have not had internet for quite awhile. But I plan on keeping it this time. No more satelite internet for me- it is horrible and very expensive where I live. Anyway, like I said ,"Glad to see you-- I love your picture. You look so happy!"

Tracy said...

This is hystarical.
Oh the things kids say.

Barbara said...

You are so funny, Ava! I have missed you so!