Saturday, May 31, 2008

To my sons--Chris , Toby , Paul , Joey , Cane and Jordan.

Before I had you boys , I was nobody special. That changed the moment they put the first one of you in my arms. I became someone to be looked up to. You looked up at me then because you were hungry and you knew I was your Mama. I would have that honor , that specialness 6 more times , and it would last me all my life. One or the other of you, were always looking up to me. You looked up to me because you wanted to be picked up , or because you were hurt , or because you just wanted me to carry you around. As years passed you looked up to me and begged tp stay home instead of going to school that first day. Or you looked out across the audience at a school play , to make sure that I was there. When you did something good , you looked to make sure I saw. And when you did something bad you looked to see if you had been caught! You looked for me in the mornings for clean socks and at night for supper. You looked for me when a girl broke your heart. As you were handed your diploma you looked out across the sea of faces and somehow found me and our eyes locked and we smiled. When you handed me my first grandchild you looked at me as if to say "Look at this beautiful gift I'm giving you Mama." When you had lung surgery , you looked up to me from the hospital bed for assurance that you would be ok. When you had pneumonia , you looked up in the middle of the night to make sure I was still there. When you got married you looked at me and smiled at the tears in my eye.

As the years passed you didn't need to look to me for as many things , and physically I have to look up to you! You still look for me when you need someone to talk to , or when you miss me or when you're lonely. When you have good news to share you look for me. Now you look at me with respect and when you look at me I know what you see. You see someone special . Not because I think I'm special , but because you think I'm special. I often wonder what I did to deserve such an honor. When I look into your eyes and see the love shining there I feel the same way I felt the first time I ever held you. And I want all of you boys to know that whenever you look for me , I will always be there. Even when I am no longer of this earth , close your eyes and remember that I loved you more than anything in this world , and that I will be forever in your heart.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your boys!


Dorlene said...

Well said! We learn so much from those little people that take over our hearts - the most important is that our heart just grows with love and we can't imagine how it happens. What a blessing to be a mother and grandmother.

6boyzmom said...

Yes , no matter how stressed a day turns out to be , I always know that I'm blessed. Life is full of little day to day problems to be worked through , but that kind of stuff isn't what's important. As long as my boys are healthy and safe and happy , I'm happy.

Barbara said...

Well said, Mama!
I hope someday to be able to put into words such as yours to my daughters on how much I love them!

Anonymous said...

thank you, i love you too.

love toby