Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OH-MY-GOSH!! Ok, so I live in the country , down the road from a chicken house, and in warm weather flies are a problem. Tried the sticky strip , and got it wrapped around my head, all up in my hair.well that's another story, for another day. Anyway , so I see this fly trap at wal-mart that says just fill with water and keep flies away. I think, well I can do that! So I buy it and get it home and in my haste to make my home fly free, I tear open the package and THEN read the directions. They start out with.READ CAREFULLY BEFORE OPENING. So I knew I was in trouble. You're supposed to suspend this thing in this bag of water and when you add the water it activates this fly attractant stuff.Well, so I tape the bag back up and fill it with water and oh so carefully , begin to hang it in my laundry room. So far so good. So I'm looking up, hanging it when..I know you know what happens next. Yea, it busted. That stuff pours down on me and oh my God , I can't begin to describe the smell.

Well, it's worse than any *hit I EVER smelled in my life , with some dead dog and dead fish thrown in for good measure. And it's all over me. So does the stuff wash off? Of course not. IT WON"T COME OUT. THE SMELL WON"T GO AWAY. What am I gonna do? Well , I guess if I go stand in the frigging yard the flies will be attracted to me and stay out of the damn house. And to top it off, I PAID 4 BUCKS TO SMELL LIKE *HIT.