Monday, April 28, 2008

Sundried tomatoes

Tonight I want to talk about sun dried tomatoes. Or termaters , as we call them here in Arkansas."OH GAWD" , I can hear you say. She has run out of things to write about and now she wants to talk about termaters! But I haven't. I have a lot to say about a lot of STUFF! Just ask my husband. Anyway ,I have had sundried flavored things before , but never any real sun dried tomatoes. Until today. I love them , but I feel like I shouldn't. Have you ever SEEN a sun dried tomato? In oil? Maybe they should be called sun ROTTED tomatoes, because they do look like someone let them lay out in the sun until they rotted. And they are slimy. I love them anyway. I ate half the jar already.

SO I called my son , Toby , and asked him if sun dried tomatoes are actually rotten tomatoes. He said "NO Mom , they are sun DRIED tomatoes." I said , "But how can you be sure?" "Because they don't sell rotten food ,Mom." HA! I start to say , but decide to let it go. He's young....he'll learn. Anyway , as I was saying , today was the first time I had an actual sun dried tomato , instead of just some food that someone rubbed some up against. I ate them straight out of the jar. I rolled them up in a flour tortilla and ate them. I ate them on crackers. I ate them until they made my husband sick. He begged me to stop and made me promise I would brush my teeth before bed. ( I swear I do anyway!)

I had wanted to try them before , but they were so expensive! Have you seen how much they cost? Like at least 6 bucks a jar! Well , I found these at one of the one dollar stores ,you know where everything is , yep , one dollar. OMG , maybe these really are rotten , now that I think about it. Well I guess that's it for the termater post. Stay tuned for more product reviews..............


lifesignx said...

Nice one! I am sure those sundried tomatoes have their own uses in more ways than we could imagine!

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